Newsroom / Product Update

November 2, 2022

Job Ownership Improvements

The improvements to the Job Ownership feature allows AP teams to streamline the management of expense processing and clearly define workflow ownership.   

What finance teams can expect with the new improvements to job ownership:

  • Improve the efficiency of expense processing by cost center and department.
  • Assign jobs to subject matter experts when additional discovery or context is needed. 
  • Dispute and approve expenses more quickly by ensuring the right person is on the job.

What this feature enhancement means for finance teams:

  • More control over team assignments.
  • Easier cross-team and inter-team collaboration. 
  • Faster expense validation and approvals.

How it works:

The ownership setting is located at the top of the job page. Click the avatar to select the team or individual to whom the job will be assigned.

The job list page now includes a new “Ownership” column. Select and edit user and team ownership from the job list or using bulk edit controls.

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