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April 28, 2022

Compare the Metrics and ROI You Should be Getting From Your Finance Technology

CFOs are being entrusted to successfully navigate their company’s financial future. When it comes to investing in finance technology, if you can’t measure it, you ...

April 8, 2022

Free Your AP Team: Save Time, Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

To streamline auditing and payments processes, forward-thinking leaders are moving away from manual systems and exploring innovative new technologies. ...

March 17, 2022

The Race Towards Digital Transformation in Finance

Join finance experts Matthew Tillman, CEO at OpenEnvoy, and Leslie Lanz, Controller at Scoular, as they discuss the importance technology plays in accelerating growth. ...

February 17, 2022

Customer Success is the Key to your AP Automation Journey

Discover a four-phase process to reference in setting expectations for a streamlined onboarding experience. ...

February 16, 2022

5 Key Considerations for Digital Investments

Join Matthew Tillman, CEO of OpenEnvoy and Jess Scheer, Executive Editor of IOFM as they walk through the 5 key considerations when making strategic digital investments. ...

February 15, 2022

Save Billions: How to Eliminate Fraud in Accounts Payable Processes

Join finance experts, Matthew Tillman, CEO of OpenEnvoy, and Jose Sorondo, Director of Global Financial Shared Services at Lululemon. ...

November 11, 2021

How Long Should It Take to Pay an Invoice?

Join finance experts Matthew Tillman, CEO of OpenEnvoy, and Jess Scheer, Executive Editor of IOFM for an engaging discussion breaking down how long it should take to pay ...

October 7, 2021

How AP Can Support the Future of Finance Operations

The CFOs and teams who will remain winners in finance understand that they can future-proof the finance function by leveraging automation to boost efficiency processes an ...

August 31, 2021

How to Buy an AP Automation Solution

Automation is readily available to reduce your finance team’s workload, but where do you start? Your finance team no longer has to shoulder the burden of manual tasks. ...

May 2, 2021

FreightWaves Market Update

Leverage industry trends to forecast and navigate the freight market. Having access to the latest market intelligence is critical for planning in the freight industry. ...

April 29, 2021

You CAN afford better tech, you just have to think different

Technological innovation has made it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for 3PLs and shippers to modernize their tech stack at a cost they can afford. Tune i ...

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